Product service

To build the distributed power exchange network based on “the Value contribution”

  • Two major contribution systems

    UCV (User Contributions Value)
    ECV(Employee Contributions Value)

  • User contribution value evaluation system.

    The cost of acquiring new users is getting higher and higher, the flow is getting more expensive and the inaccurate value-oriented employees can not be retained, and the incentive teams are still inactive.

  • Integral exchange system

    Consensus platform access to 1500 corporate points, can be converted into Ledo block chain system, participate in the Token of other companies products

  • Value added anchor point

    Becoming a super node can not only solve two difficult problems but also enjoy the ecological reward after token value-added.

  • Multilateral positive game

    Incorporating businesses, users, and employees into a positive value cycle, each can be stimulated by contributing to the ecosystem

LRT system

Enterprises improve production relations through token operation

About us

the Talking Show Reading Club as a core asset company of legendholdings, which has 16,000 high net worth and high viscosity active offline members. With 38 million online members and more than 20,000 corporate resources, the Talking Show Reading Club is one of the largest knowledge payment companies in China, a team include more than 36 university “Book Committee”members and more than 100 writers has read more than 1,000 non-fiction books. Partners of the company in more than 200 cities across the country. The current challenge of blockchain technology in application is mainly the ability of platform community operation and business resource integration, which is the advantage of the Talking Show Reading Club.


The team introduces enterprises to retain talents through professional talents.

Joy Yang
Founder and Chairman of the Talking Show Reading Club

20 years of media and internet experience, nearly 10 years of experience in entrepreneurial community operations.Former CEO of Hong Kong listed company (HK00082). Vice Chairman of the China Internet Association, Executive Director of the National Association of Industry and Commerce Private Cultural Industry Association, and Executive Director of the China Entrepreneur Association.Received the title of "National Top Ten Growth CEOs"

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Building Great Companies

With the mission of serving the nation and society through developing successful businesses across industries, Legend Holdings is committed to becoming a respected and trusted global holding company, with equity in leading enterprises in multiple industries and international influence.

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